Texwipe는 Cleanroom 와이퍼, Cleanroom 면봉, Cleanroom 문구류, 멸균 제품, 접착제 매트 등을 포함한 Cleanroom관련 중요 세척 제품 분야의 세계적인 선두 기업입니다.

  • Wipers

    Texwipe offers a variety of cleanroom wipes: dry wipes, pre-wetted or pre-saturated wipes, non-sterile and sterile wipes, industrial and laboratory wipes to meet the strict requirements of pharmaceutical, bio-medical, and medical device, semiconductor & microelectronics, healthcare (USP <797> and USP <800>), aerospace, aviation & defense, laboratory, nutraceuticals/food, print, and automotive industries.

  • Alcohols

    Texwipe offers a variety of Isopropyl Alcohol, Denatured Ethanol, and Peroxide cleaning solutions for use in cleanrooms and other highly critical areas

  • Disinfectants

    Texwipe offers EPA-registered disinfectants, effective against a broad array of pathogens. Choose a disinfectant below based on your needs: a bactericidal disinfectant for everyday disinfection or a sporicidal agent for periodic disinfection (based on your SOP).

  • Mops&Buckets

    From Floor to Ceiling (and in between) Texwipe mops, covers, head refills, buckets, carts and liners are designed specifically for cleanrooms and offer premium contamination control.